These Terms of Use govern the opening, use and closure of KuulPay Account and other related payment services as referred to herein. Together with our Privacy Policy, and any other terms and conditions referred to therein they constitute the legal relationship between you and us.

1. Your KuulPay Account

1.1 Your KuulPay account is an electronic money account which enables you to send and receive electronic payments.

1.2 You have the right to withdraw funds from your KuulPay Account at any time. However, you may be required to confirm your identity beforehand. There is no minimum withdrawal amount but the funds available on your KuulPay Account must be sufficient to cover any application withdrawal fee.

1.3 Electronic money accounts are not bank accounts.

1.4 The electronic money on a KuulPay Account belongs to the person or legal entity which is registered as the KuulPay Account holder. No person other than the KuulPay Account holder has any rights in relation to the funds held in a KuulPay Account, except in cases of succession. You may not assign or transfer your KuulPay Account to a third party or otherwise grant any third party a legal or equitable interest over it.

2. Opening Your KuulPay Account

2.1 In order to use our payment services you must first open a KuulPay Account by registering your details on our Website. As part of the signup process you will need to accept these Terms of Use nad Our Privacy Policy and you must have legal capacity to accept the same. If you order additional services, you may be asked to accept additional terms and conditions.

2.2 If you are an individual, you must be 18years or older to use our services and by opening a KuulPay Account, you declare that you are 18 years or older. This doesn not apply to products for which we set a different age limit. We may require at any time that you provide evidence of your age.

2.3 All information you provide during the signup process or any time thereafter must be accurate and truthful.

3. Fund Raising

3.1 KuulPay takes 3% of the generated funds.

3.2 The money is paid to the owner of the project ONLY when the project ends.

3.3 Contribution that uses MTN Mobile Money or Voda Cash payment method attracts the percentage charges of the payment option selected by a contributor.

Payment with a KuulPay account ( Balance ) attracts no charges on the amount the KuulPay user contributes to the project.

3.4 a) For fund raising for social events such as wedding, funderal etc, KuulPay does not investigate before sending the money to the one who created the fund raising project. Contributors must make sure they know the one who sends them the invitation to make the contribution or aware of the event.

3.4 b) For Charity Fund Raising, KuulPay investigates and ensures that the contributed money is used for the purpose stated in the project.

KuulPay has the right to return funds to contributors for a suspicious project ( A project which the owner is not able to convince KuulPay of its execution ).

3.4 c) The following are acceptable and non acceptable Fund Rasing Projects

Acceptable Projects

i. Social Events : Wedding, Funerals, Celebrations etc

ii. Educational and Developmental Projects

Non Acceptable Projects

Projects that support violence, war, immoral activities etc

4. Keeping Your KuulPay Account Safe

You must take all reasonable steps to keep your KuulPay Account password safe at all times and never disclose it to anyone. Our personnel will never ask you to provide your password to us or to a third party. Any message you receive or website you visit that asks for your password, other than the KuulPay Website or a KuulPay payment gateway on a merchant website, should be reported to us. If you are in doubt whether a website is genuine, you should contact Customer Service.

Most financial transactions requires authentication through code we send to the phone you use in creating your KuulPay account. You must take reasonable step to keep both your password and phone safe at all times.

5. Uploading Funds

5.1 You can upload funds by visiting the Website, logging into your KuulPay Account and following the relevant upload instructions. We are not be responsible for any upload payment until the uploaded funds are received by us.

5.2 After three attempts failure of trying to upload funds through the scratch card, your account will be blocked for seven days in order to protect us from frauds.

6. Sending Payments

To send a payment, you are required to authorise the payment with a code we send to your phone. You must take great care to properly type the exact phone number of who you wish to send money to ( A KuulPay User ). We use this detail as the unique identifier to determine the intended recipient of the payment which you instruct us to process. We shall not be liable for any error you make when entering the recipient's phone number.