How To

Loading Wallet

You can load your electronic wallet either through a KuulPay Scratch Card or Mobile Money.

KuulPay scratch card can be bought from any KuulPay Merchant shop

Creating A Project

1. To create a project, select Create Project from the menu list. Fill the form and pick the duration of the project.

2. Submit and wait for approval of project.

3. Once a project is approved, you can then share it by sharing the Project ID ( For KuulPay Users to donate ) or share the link to the project by using any of the 'share' options provided under the project ( All users can donate either with KuulPay account or Mobile Money ).

4. Contributed amount is shown to contributors when you tick the 'Show Contributed Amount' box. Otherwise, contributed amount is hidden from the public.

5. To view generated project(s), select My Projects from the menu list.

Creating An Invoice ( Available for Only Merchants )

1. To create an invoice, select Create Invoice from the menu list. Fill the form.

2. Deliver the invoice to your client using any of the Share Options.

3. The client can pay either with KuulPay account or Mobile Money.

4. To view generated invoices, select My Invoices from the menu list.

5. You'll receive an SMS alert for paid invoice.

Activating Account To Merchant

To change your account to merchant, you'll have to provide us with your business registration documents and a copy of your passport.

You can have an online payment from your website and the possibility to generate an invoice with the merchant account.

Withdrawing From Digital Wallet

To withdraw physical cash from your digital wallet, you must generate a token. This token generated can be used by either you or another recipient of the cash to withdraw physical cash from any of our merchant points.